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specialty blonde packages

Our most requested services, simplified.

Balayage, Foilyage, Teasylights + Tip Outs

It's not your job to know what any of that means. It's ours.

You show up with inspo photos and your vision and we do the rest.

The benefit of the packages is the freedom it gives your Stylist to achieve your goals. We can use any combination of blonding or lowlight techniques like foils, teasylights or hand-painting because todays blondes need a little more than just classic foils.

Every Package option comes with Blonding, Gloss, Root Smudge and a custom Treatment + Blowout

*Additional service options like Grey Coverage or a Haircut available at booking for additional charge.

*Hourly rate + time is based of medium density hair with no more than 8-10 weeks of grow out.

*All extra time is charged at an hourly rate of $80-$110 based off your Stylists specialty hourly rate.

*Modern blondes may take multiple appointments to achieve goals.

*Service is only guaranteed when you invest in professional products purchased through olive + elm or our affiliate links.


Power Hour Blonde

2 hour minimum

Fastest foils in the West! Choose this package if you need minimal blonding to feel fresh again.

Includes Mini Foil (up to 10 foils), Root Smudge, Gloss, Treatment + Blowout.

$180 - $220+


Blonde Addiction

3h 30m minimum

Just as the name suggests...You are addicted to blonde and you don't care who knows!

Includes FULL head of foils, teasylights or hand painting as well as Root Smudge, Gloss, Treatment + Blowout.

$315 - $385+


Full Platinum Card Experience

5h minimum

Bright shiny blonde from roots to ends. Ashy, beige, platinum or golden. Whatever your blonde ambitions are, we will get you there.

Consultation required.

Includes full bleach out, gloss, treatment + blowout

$450 - $550+


Blonde Support

2h 30m minimum

This is your standard half-head l touch-up on steroids'!

Includes half-head of foils, teasylights or hand painting (top, sides + crown of head), Root Smudge, Gloss, Treatment + Blowout.

$225 - $275+


Ultimate Pinterest Blonde

4h 30m minimum

Todays modern blondes require ALL the tricks. This is the ultimate transformation option for the most blonde. Includes time for foils, teasylights, hand painting + tip outs on the ends as well as Root Smudge, Gloss, Treatment + Blowout

$405 - $495+


Platinum Retouch

2h 30m minimum

For maintaining your solid platinum tresses.

Includes bleach retouch UP TO 1 INCH, fresh gloss, treatment + blowout

Trying to touch up after the 1" mark creates inconsistent lift and banding (orange).

$225 - $275+

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