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Why are treatments a must?

The treatments we offer here can provide your hair and scalp relief with any issue.

- Dry Hair

- Itchy Scalp 

- Flaky Scalp

- Frizz

- Fading Color

- Weak Breaking Hair

- Dull Blondes

- Flat Thin Hair

- Lack of Shine

- Mineral and Product Build-up

add any treatment to your service starting at $25 or schedule a treatment + blowout by itself 
starting at $55


R+CO Concentrates

Scalp Soothing



Color Locking




These are in-salon Treatments only. As the name suggests, these concentrates pack a huge punch. With 7 different concentrate options, your Stylist can customize your experience with the perfect treatment for what your hair and scalp crave.



If you haven't heard of Olaplex yet, get out from under that rock and discover what true hair repair looks like! Patented technology permanently re-fuses broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical, heat or environmental damage. You know these broken bonds as split ends, fizz and those hairs that just won't grow. We have in-salon Treatments as well as the whole Olaplex retail line for you to take home to repair and prevent further damage.


Malibu C

The Malibu C line of Treatments are like the deep clean version of treatments. Remove hard water minerals and all that dry shampoo build-up in minutes. One benefit of a deep clean is shiny bouncy hair. Our favorite thing about super clean strands is it creates an amazing starting point for color. The color and highlights don't have force it's way through the build-up before it does it's real job.

Ask for the take home Color Prepare pack to use the morning of your next color appointment for the best coverage and brightest blondes.


R+Co Masques

Masques (masks) are moisture + shine focused. R+Co masques are for in-salon as well as at-home maintenance.

R+CO Masques

Sunset Blvd Toning Masque

Gemstone High Shine Gloss

On A Cloud Repair System

Television Perfect Hair Masque

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