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Stylist Levels Explained...

The Stylist Level System at olive + elm hair salon offers our clients options when it comes to salon services as well as providing a career path for growth and achievement for our team members. Clients may choose the stylist/level that best fits their requests and needs from skill-set/experience, to budget.

Stylists can grow in each area of experience, education and demand. As they grow, they earn the opportunity to be promoted to more advanced levels. As a client, you can grow with your favorite Stylist or build new relationships with newer Stylists as they come in.

The important part is that no matter what level Stylist you’re working with, we ALWAYS work as a team to ensure you leave with a smile and damn good hair.

Choose your Level...

Master Stylists

Master Stylists are just that, true masters of their craft. They are established, respected and carry a reputation for excellence that have earned them this title. With years, sometimes decades of experience, advanced education and the highest demand for their services, there is not much a Master Stylist hasn't handled in their craft. They are leaders in the company and are experienced mentors who pay their knowledge forward to the future generations of up + coming Stylists