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Booking your hair appointment online...

step one

step two

Once you hit the 'Book Now' button on the website you will pick either an INDIVIDUAL appointment or GROUP appointment. You can even buy a Gift Card!

Know your hair length!

We charge and schedule based on HAIR LENGTH AND DENSITY.

Short is chin-length or shorter

Medium to Long is anything below the chin 



step tHREE

Use the drop down menu to choose your service. Please refer to the 'Services' drop down for descriptions of the services we provide in the menu 

Make sure you're clicking on the services to read the descriptions!


step four

Choose your Stylist!

Tap 'First Available' to get the drop down list of Stylists as well as what they charge for the service.

Tap the 'Add $' button once you've picked your favorite hair human.


step five

Need to add more services?

Tap the 'Add more' button to add any haircuts, treatments or a brow wax.

Tap 'Next' at the bottom to move on.


step six

Pick your day and time OR...

If you don't see your preferred day and time, Join the Waitlist! Sometimes we get last minute cancellations to get our waitlist clients in so don't hesitate to get on the list.

Use the arrows at the top to scroll dates.


step seven

Review your appointment!

Edit any info, see your total cost and even add your gratuity ahead of time to make checkout after your appointment even easier!

NOTE: You are not paying for the service ahead of time and do not have to pre-tip.


step eight

Enter your credit card info for us to securely store far, far away in a PCI compliant server. We never see your card number. We keep cards on file to reserve appointments as well as for our cancellation/no-show policy which you can review at the bottom of this screen.

hit 'complete' and you are booked!


You will receive a confirmation email once you are booked. Please open the email and complete the POLICY FORM at the very top of your email. 48 hours before your appointment, you will receive an email asking for you to confirm your appointment. Please note that failure to confirm your appointment may result in many annoying texts and calls from the boss. Save yourself and just type 'Yes' or 'Confirm'.

Booking your hair appointment over the phone......


 Know your hair length!

 We will always do our best to talk through what services you need so be patient as we ask all of our questions. We are just making sure we schedule enough time with the right Stylist. Changes can always be made at your consultation after you speak with your Stylist. Communication is the cornerstone of our salon.

We still require a credit card number on file when you call to schedule too.


If you've been in within the last year, we have your history! We can see who did your hair last and what services you got done to make booking a new appointment easier.

Please let us know if there is any update to your email address, phone number or credit card number.

Still can't figure it out?

Just give a call or text and we can point you in the right direction.
Call - 480-462-2665
Text - 480-613-9849

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