As a Hair Stylist with 23 years in the industry, you could say I’ve been around the block as far as salons are concerned.

My goal when opening olive + elm was to have a growing commission salon with a huge emphasis on education and client experience. This means that everyone at olive + elm is an employee of the salon and must uphold the highest level of commitment and respect to not only the guests but to the rest of the team as well. I wanted to be able to pluck new talent and hand them the tools and clients to succeed and be there for them as they became self-employed stylists or educators that got their own studios or salons and would pass their knowledge on to the next generation of hair slayers.

Here, we don’t look at other salons or successful Stylists as competition. This industry is overflowing with talented amazing humans that can teach us so much. Gone are the days of just being a service provider. We deserve more so I provide more.

The only way I felt this could happen was to really focus on the WHY. Why do we do things different here? Why does it matter?

As a client, you expect more. Now that the cost of getting your hair done has gone up over the years, you want to know that you will walk out of the salon looking and feeling the way you envisioned when you first walked in. You deserve that!

As a Stylist, you want more from your job. You need to know that you have support. You want to be pushed (but not too hard) into new ventures that create growth opportunities. Without becoming a well-rounded Stylist in all facets of the business, that growth cannot happen. 

So, here at olive + elm I have taken all the knowledge from 2 decades of customer service, education and endless business courses and created a system that Stylists and our guests can get behind. Clear communication for pricing and expectations on both ends. We are able to cater to any budget with our Level System and all guests are created equal with our gender-neutral pricing structure. We base our prices and timing on the length and technically difficulty of your hair goals, so we never have to rush you in and out and we can easily stand behind our service guarantee because we know you’ll be happy when you leave.

We use only the best quality, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products on you because that’s important too!! We are a certified Green Circle Salon so you know coming in that 90% of our salon waste is going to be recycled or repurposed to make the world a better place.

Visit our Level page to understand how choose the right Stylist for your needs and budget and then head over to our Services page for a list of prices before you hit the ‘Book Now’ button and come see us!

We are always available to you if you have any questions. Clear communication is key to keep a healthy relationship between you and your salon of choice. Thank you!

Hello Friend...

I'm Ambia and I am the owner of olive + elm hair salon. I thought I would give you a quick breakdown of what to expect when you are visiting the salon.

First and foremost, all we do here at olive + elm is hair. Just beautiful happy hair. We keep it simple because we want to be the best at what we do.