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Our Story

Welcome to olive + elm, where hair meets heart in the hands of a passionate stylist with 28 years of experience! I'm Ambia, the proud owner and creative force behind this cozy sanctuary for hair transformations. 

From day one, my love for this industry has been insatiable. I immersed myself in continuous learning, attending every class and show to stay at the forefront of trends and techniques. I happily dedicated myself to perfecting my skills and building a clientele that I cherished.

However, finding a salon that truly resonated with my high standards proved challenging. It wasn't until 2016, after welcoming my son, Oliver Elms, into the world, that I decided it was time to make a bold move and create my own haven for hair enthusiasts. In 2019, I found the perfect space, and from that day forward, I set uncompromising standards for olive + elm.

The journey has been enriched by the amazing stylists who have graced our salon, leaving their indelible mark. Their presence has shaped me into a more patient and determined person. They have help ignite my passion for teaching.

Our salon is more than a space for hair; it's a commitment to constant education, a clean environment, sustainability practices, and a welcoming + inclusive space for every good soul. The eclectic, comfortable atmosphere reflects our dedication to authenticity.

As we craft your look, rest assured it's with clean, guilt-free products. We're also proud participants in the @greencirclesalon initiative, recycling 95% of our salon waste responsibly.


Step into our cozy oasis, where beauty meets authenticity at olive + elm. Give us a try, and let your hair tell a story of style and connection.

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Getting Haicut
gender-neutral prices

our prices are based off your hair length and thickness. Nothing cookie-cutter about us!

upgraded wash experience

recently remodeled, our shampoo area boasts the most comfy bowls on the market. we also provide hot towel scalp massages, cooling eye masks and aromatherapy

a stylist for every client

A cool experience coming soon!

Always get the best color and cut here!! I have seen a few different stylist over the 2 years I have been a client. Love everyone there!! Love hair Day!!!  

- Melissa H. 
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