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booking your hair appointment

Like a Boss......

To start, know your hair length. Here's a guide we go by 

*This is important for proper pricing + timing!
We have gender-neutral pricing which means we don't have 'men' or women' options.
We charge for what's on your head, not what's in your pants!

Next, are you doing a classic color option?

Classic options are simple traditional foil highlights or a single process color that is the same level as your natural OR DARKER. If you want an all over lighter color, that falls into a multi-step Color Correction so please book a consultation.

Color - Roots or an all over color. We charge by time and it's the same for both services. Ask for a fresh shine gloss for your ends if you're just doing your roots. It's included with the price!
Mini Foil -  About 10 foils. Hi-lites or Lo-lites. Great for face-framing (money piece) or strategically placed through top and sides to blend old hi-lites, grey hair or add depth with lo-lites
Half Head Foil - Top, sides and crown area foiled. Half head still provides tons of lightness but leaves the darkness in the lower back part of the hair
Full Head Foil - Foils for DAYS. Top, sides, crown and back are foiled. Maximum lightness. If you pull your hair up and don't like to see dark underneath, pick this option
Toner - When we add bleach to hair to lighten it, it exposes undertones in the hair which are naturally the lovely shades of orange and yellow. A toners job is to transform the orange and yellows into the beautiful shades of blonde you leave the salon with. They also add shine and smooth your hair down. They are Demi-permanent which means they do fade over time. 
Root Smudge - Hate how your hi-lites grow out? That hard line between your natural regrowth and the last hi-lites? You know what I'm talking about. A Root Smudge is applied after the foils are washed out. It is a translucent demi color that matches your natural color applied at partline and front hairline that keeps those hard grow out lines super soft as your hi-lites grow out

Or maybe you're looking for a Balayage or Lived-in Highlight Look?

Power Hour - 

Includes a mini balayage/foilyage, root smudge, toner and R+CO Treatment. Perfect to refresh a money-piece!

We provide packages for these Modern Blonding techniques to allow your Stylist the freedom to achieve your goal without being 'stuck in a box'. They can do a combo of foils, balayage, teasylights or foilyage and add a root smudge to give a seamless grow-out.
*Please note that prices are starting based off of 8-10 weeks of growout. Additional bowls of color mixed are $25/bowl.

Blonde Support -

Includes a half-head of balayage or foilyage, root smudge, toner and R+CO Treatment. This is our most popular option! Noticeable lightness without being overly blonde.

Blonde Addiction - 

Includes a full-head of balayage or foilyage, root smudge, toner and R+CO Treatment. Just as the name suggests, you're getting ALL the blonde with this package!

Pinterest Blonde -

Choose this package if you are starting your blonde/bronde adventure or require highlighting as well as some dimensional lowlights. This is our largest packages and is designed for total tranformations!

Creative Vivid tones?

We have packages for that too! Each package is set up to start or freshen up your mermaid hair dreams!


Peek-a-boos or POPS of fun color! First we lighten specific areas where you want the color to be with up to 10 foils and then color those areas with your dream shade!

POPS Refresh - 

Refresh on you existing Peek-a-boos or POPS of fun color! No bleach, just the Vivids.

Rainbow Refresh - 

This is your Vivid Refresh with NO new bleaching.

Maintain Mermaids -

This is a fresh bleach retouch or highlights and then a full Vivid application refresh.

Full Spectrum - 

This is the BIG one. New to Vivids or just been a really long time? This is your answer. 

Includes a full head lightening (solid bleach or foils), full head Vivid application, treatment and blowout.

We book 5+ hours for this transformation.

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